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Human rights organization NCHRO reached Karauli after the violence, factual investigation report will be released soon

The manner in which violence has taken place in Karauli, if the local administration had wanted, it could have prevented such a big incident from happening. Due to the failure of the administration and the conspiracy of some organizations, this situation has come about in Karauli.These preliminary facts have come before the fact-finding team in the investigation conducted by the human rights organization NCHRO.

The state general secretary of the organization, Shabbeer Aazaad, issued a press statement and said that on the instructions of state president TC Rahul, the investigation team visited the violence-hit Karauli. The investigation team met the aggrieved parties and gathered information and facts related to the violence. Along with this, the investigation team also talked to the SP of Karauli and many other people of the city. The facts that have come before the fact-finding team primarily point to the fact that the DJ was played in the saffron rally without permission and provocative songs were played in that DJ. And when the rally reached in front of the mosque, provocative slogans were raised, which resulted in violence. Had the local administration wanted, the incident would not have taken such a dangerous form. 

The instructions of the DGP of the state were not followed completely. If the local administration had wanted, it could have prevented the violence at that time by making proper arrangements. As a result, the enemy forces of peace got the opportunity to hatch a communal conspiracy. He said that the organization will soon release its detailed report and this report will be sent to the Chief Justice of the country, Home Secretary, Minority Commission, Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Office and National and State Human Rights Commission. The investigation team included National Secretary Advocate Ansar Indori, Vice President of Delhi State Working Committee Advocate Ashutosh Mishra, Member Shoaib Ahmed, Journalist Rukhsar Ahmed and Social Activist Rukhsar.

NCHRO joined the united protest against hate politics at Uttrakhand Bhawan

On December 27, a protest was held at the Uttarakhand Sadan in Delhi against the display of bigotry and hate at the Dharm Sansad assembly in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Leaders of Hindu organisations had called for genocide against Muslims in an assembly about a week ago. Several progressive organisations had made a joint call to protest this hate and hold the people in power accountable. We also demanded the resignation of the Uttarakhand Chief Minister and immediate action to be taken against the perpetrators.

Human rights organisation the National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) joined the protest along with the other organisations.

We stand firmly against the hate politics which has been made possible at the behest of the Hindu nationalist government in power. We also call upon other organisations and individuals to stand united firmly against hate politics.

Ishu Jaiswal,
Delhi, NCHRO

NCHRO Joined the Protest at Tripura Bhawan against violence on Muslims in Tripura

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) rally in Tripura, that was purportedly held against violence on Hindus in Bangladesh, ransacked shops owned by Muslims and vandalised a Mosque on October 26, 2021. A few houses were also vandalised in the Chamtila and Rowa bazaar areas that come under the Panisagar sub-division.

Although Tripura is a state that hasn't seen communal violence on a large scale in a long time, outfits like the VHP have been known for their Islamophobic violence since years. This incident therefore should not be seen in isolation.

Against this anti-Muslim violence, various organisations protested at the Tripua Bhawan in Delhi on October 29, 2021. Human rights organisation the National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) joined the protest.

People gathered were detained by the police about 40 mins after the protest began. We stand in solidarity with both the victims of the violence in Tripura and all the organisations that joined the protest in Delhi.

The NCHRO stands firmly against the communal politics of the BJP and its various outfits like the VHP.

Demanding long pending confirmation for Nurses in the Directorate for Nurses : NCHRO Goa

Nurses, who were taken on contract and who have served the Patients in challenging times of Covid Pandemic are facing Job loss. More than 200 young Nurses are facing a bleak future due to non renewal of Contract by the State Government. 

Our Delegation met Maria Seomara De Souza(Director-Admin) at Directorate of Health Services, Panaji, who assured to continue the contract till October, 2022 and says process does not allow the recruits for permanent job.

Hope to see the contract renewed & soon a permanent Job status in near future, for this agitating young Nurses.