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Manipur COVID 19 Update 70 new positive case, 2 death case.


Assam Rifles recovered arms and ammunitions

Keithelmanbi Battalion of IGAR (South) in a joint operation with Manipur Police recovered arms and ammunitions from Andro Khingthak village, Imphal East district on 18 October.

Based on specific input from reliable sources, troops of Assam Rifles along with Manipur Police launched an operation which led to recovery of one AK Series Rifle with magazine,15 live rounds of AK, two 9mm Pistols with magazines, 21 live rounds of 9mm, two Hand Held Radio Set and 18 x detonators. 

The recovered items were handed over to Andro Police Station for further investigation.

Manipur COVID-19 Update 95 new positive case, 4 death case.


COVID-19: Manipur reports 2 deaths, 104 positive Total tests done 2347 Positivity rate 4.4 %


Assam Rifles apprehends UNLF

Khoupum Battalion under the aegis of IGAR (S) apprehended an active insurgent of UNLF on NH -2 near Forest Range Office, Bishnupur in Manipur on 16 October.

Based on specific input from reliable sources, troops of Assam Rifles along with Bishnupur Police Station representatives launched an operation which led to the apprehension.

The insurgent has been handed over to Bishnupur Police Station for further investigation.

N Biren’s proposal for peaceful resolution appreciable but not welcoming at this moment: PREPAK (Pro)

Paying tribute to all the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in the courses of liberation movements on the 45th Raising Day of the Red Army of proscribed PREPAK (Pro), its chairman L Paliba M on Saturday said chief minister N Biren’s proposal to resolve the insurgency problem peacefully is appreciable but not welcoming at this moment.

While acknowledging that the chief minister even expressed his willingness to be kind of a bridge for solution, the chairman of the proscribed outfit questioned whether it would be a breakable bamboo bridge where crossers faced frequent loose footing.

It is obvious that the Kashmiri, Sikh, Dravidian of Southern five states have a strong desire to change the political structure of India as the Confederation of India. The poor peasants, workers, and indigenous people of Maoist’s prone 10 states wanted the socialist program of equal distribution, and they don’t want their natural resources to be managed by wealthy people and big companies, he said. But the government of India doesn’t take seriously these hitherto known demands, let alone the solution of insurgency, he added.

In his 45th Raising Day message, the chairman also expressed his deepest sympathy to those families, who have lost their loved ones during the pandemic.

Sharing some of his views and thinking, the chairman said the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on every aspect of our life but amidst this pandemic some people are trying to unscrupulously exploit and dismantle the Kanglei society by indulging in the dreadful narcotic trade. Most of these persons are genealogically devoid of our motherland’s blood.

Stating that they are the real enemies of the society as their minds are tainted with fiendishness, he said many civil society organisations have been working hard to uplift the society, but it would be fruitless if these few persons are allowed to exist in the society. Prominent leaders among local communities and CSOs must cogitate to finish off such persons, he added.

The chairman further said the outside invaders could easily occupy India due to frequent infighting among the Hindu Kingdoms. There was no question of nation or nationalism during that period but it was just dynastic patriotism, he added.

Claiming that even the early stage of British occupation was welcome by the Hindu Indian as their saviour from the Muslim rulers, he said no kingdom or empire could maintain a prolong reign in India. However, monarchism in Kangleipak had been continued over 2000 years, he asserted and added, “We must be proud of this, but India purposefully disrespects this historical status which has become the main reason for armed uprising.”

The chairman also said India was created due to the conflict between the people and British colonialism. However, there were diverse cultures, communities, and faiths among the so-called Indian people. The revolutionary movement of composite nationalism was not mobilised robustly to dissipate the diversities. India’s independence was handed over to the few Indians who had been perfectly inflicted with the British values, he added.

L Paliba M further said These British adopted Indian leaders continued the same colonialist style of politics like their masters. Without the national consciousness, the total independent movement was carried out which ultimately could not distribute the real independence among the peasants and workers, downgraded indigenous groups, and the ethnic minorities. It is worth noting that the Dravidian leader E.V.R Periyar once said “Is the cat’s rule Swarajya for the rat” which is becoming a true metaphor. Kangleipak should not be a part of suppressive India, he added.

The chairman claimed that while India is dragging under the demonetization process, GST, ‘Make in India’ initiative, the neighbour Bangladesh has been economically advancing than India. 25 million jobs were lost during January-May 2021. It is also a gloomy prospect that a generation might be wiped out by this pandemic. On the contrary, the world’s largest political party BJP with 180 million memberships and its vast keyboard warriors have been trying to propagate Prime Minister Modi as divine status, he added.

He alleged that they falsely propagated that UNESCO had declared Modi as world’s best leader and they also fantasized boastfully that 450 years ago the prophet Nostradamus had predicted that the Modi era would be a golden age not only for India but the whole world. Apart from that, the cult of Mr Modi is so formidable that coronavirus vaccine certificates and outgoing emails of NHRC both bear the image of prime minister. Ironically his photo is not printed on coronavirus death certificates, he added.

The chairman further said it is comical that the recent aggressive and finger-wagging lecturing tone of Modi’s Speech in the UN General Assembly room drew little interest; most of the seats were empty as his speech was similar to that of election rally address. India’s internal cold war between the “cult personated BJP” and the 54 years’ Frankensteinian ruler of Congress party, has been squeezing the common people. “We don’t have the future foundation in such two demonic ruling India,” he added.

Stating that the essence of democracy is the free expression of opinion, the chairman said recently, many opposition leaders have protested strongly against the infliction of Pegasus Spyware on their mobile phones. But there is something fishy about it as the issue has cooled down. There is apprehension that the spyware might have muted the opposition by collecting their disgraceful personal information, he added.

Saying that the famous wording “Big Brother is watching you” of George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” is exactly similar with what is happening in India, he asserted that the Indian government always crosses the personal space of its citizens to grab them tightly.

He stated that the peculiar form of Deep State, in which the military and intelligent community played a major advisory role in public administration, is putatively evident in India. There are allegations that the intelligence agencies did not try to stop the Parliament attack in 2001, Godhra train burning in 2002, terrorist attack of Pulwama and Uri even though they had received the convincing information in advance. In the name of maintaining tranquility, the wheel chaired hawkish bureaucrats chalked out the “offensive defence doctrine” by which the hot pursuit and arbitrary arrests are the pre-emptive parameters, added.

Maintaining that the development and growth of China has been a world’s ideal, the chairman stated that the Chinese government had implemented the people’s livelihood policy by following the metaphorical proverb of “teaching a man to fish is better than giving him a fish”. India is playing policy of doles by distributing freebies, free rice, and a handful of money for electoral gains. The Government of India has been implementing more than twenty poverty alleviation programs starting from ‘Garibi Hatao’, he said. However, there is no meaningful decrease in poverty. The fact of the matter is that these socialist programs were managed by those luxurious ministers and bureaucrats who are being categorized as Champagne Socialists. They can be called as Delhi Lutyens’ socialists or Imphal Babupara’s Socialists, he added.

While quoting the adage of Jose Ortega Y Gasset that a revolution only lasts fifteen years, the chairman said a period which coincides with the effectiveness of a generation needs to be deeply analysed. The faster pervading social changes have pounded adversely to the revolutionary parties, he added.

L Paliba M also said, “We need timely preparation to face these negative impacts. It is now imperative that revolution and liberation struggle must be together. We believe that the revolutionary struggle is just to establish a self-sufficing and self-determined Kangleipak by barricading the Kanglei society against Indian colonialism.” This is a necessary but not a sufficient means, he added.

Maintaining the prolong living under India’s colonialism would not finish off the whacking problems of Kangleipak, the chairman insisted that the ultimate solution would be achieved through armed liberation struggle. However, the liberation struggle must be integrated together with people, which could not be achieved during the last forty-five plus years of armed struggle, he added.

“This has been our weakness. As being a revolutionary party, we should be courageous to correct our weakness and irrational policies in time,” he said.

Admitting that there would be no holistic solution of political conflicts if there is a rigid mindset to keep everything inside the wall of the Constitution of India, the chairman said it was an ideal insight when Atal Behari Vajpayee once said Kashmiri problem should be solved through humanity (Insaniyat). It is not certain the present government might own that ideal, he added.

The chairman stated the humanity and historical uniqueness of Kangleipak are the parameters to seek the main causes of our insurgency. “We wish India must be a union of independent States like the European Union, with whom independent Kangleipak would establish a paramount relation. Lastly, the geopolitics and geo-economic condition of the Kangleipak would impel the necessary good relation between the neighbour and closer countries such as India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and China,” he concluded.

Security forces apprehend an NSCN (IM) cadre in Maram, Manipur

Maram Battalion of Headquarters IGAR-East under Spear Corps launched an operation and apprehended one active cadre of NSCN (IM) on NH-02 at Maram, Manipur on 24 Sep 2021.

Based on specific input, Security forces launched an operation in general area Maram and apprehended one cadre of NSCN (IM).


On further interrogation, the individual revealed that he was working for NSCN (IM) since 2002. He is involved in extortion and tax collection activities in NH-02 since last two months. He was collecting tax with another cadre who ran away with the money on seeing security forces.


Cadre handed over to Senapati police station for further investigation.

Security forces destroys illegal camp of NSCN (IM) at Menkirong, Wokha District, Nagaland

Security Forces with state police destroyed an illegal camp of NSCN (IM) in general area Menkirong, Wokha District, Nagaland on 06 Aug 2021.

Based on a specific input, Security Forces with state police destroyed an illegal camp and apprehended four cadres of NSCN (IM), recovering four AK Rifles, one M -16 Rifle, one 9mm pistol with three rounds, 446 live rounds of 7.62mm, 12 pouches and six pairs of military uniforms near general area Menkirong, Wokha District, Nagaland.

The apprehended individuals along with recovered items have been handed over to Bhandari Police Station, Wokha District, for further investigation

UAPA accused Ateekur Rahman, suffering from heart ailment should be immediately released for treatment - Rihaai Manch

Rihaai Manch described the denial of emergency bail to Ateekur Rahman as inhuman and a violation of his right to life.

The General Secretary of Rihaai Manch, Rajeev Yadav, said that 27 year old Ateekur Rahman, resident of Meerut and son of Chaudhary Charan Singh, and student of PhD, is suffering from heart ailment and 10 years before his arrest in October 2020, his treatment was ongoing in AIIMS hospital. The doctors had suggested surgery for him a month before his arrest. They referred to his elder brother and said that if proper treatment is not provided to him, his life will be endangered.

Rajeev Yadav highlighted the death of Father Stan Swamy due to illness in Maharashtra jail, who was booked under the UAPA, and said that no lesson has been learnt from that case. Stan Swamy was not given bail despite asking for treatment several times. He said that in the case of Ateekur Rahman, too, the attitude of the government regarding interim bail for treatment is inappropriate and cruel.

The general secretary of the Manch said that the right to life is paramount and it cannot be compromised in any situation. If something untoward happens to Ateekur Rahman, its blemish will be not just on the Uttar Pradesh government but also on the court.

While on their way to Hathras to meet the family of the victim in the Hathras gangrape case, Ateekur Rahman and Siddique Kappan were arrested along with eight Muslims by the Uttar Pradesh government under the anti-terrorist law UAPA. Ateerkur Rahman was alleged to be a member of the Popular Front of India, although his family has denied it. Popular Front of India is not a banned organisation.

Rajeev Yadav,
General Secretary, Rihaai Manch

Assam Rifles foils cross-border smuggling of contraband items in Manipur

Kakching Battalion of Assam Rifles, apprehended four personnel and foiled smuggling of contraband items worth Rs 1.02 Crores and beetle nuts worth 98 thousand in Beru Khudam Village, District of Manipur

Churachandpur police seize 24 kgs heroin

Churachandpur police today seized 2.437 kgs of heroin while the consignment was enroute to the district from Chandel following a reliable input, sources said. A team of the district police led by Inspector N Thangzamuan OC of Churachandpur PS along with 31 Assam Rifles launched a joint operation under the supervision of Addl. SP (Ops) Lawrence K Munluo and SP-CCP Shivanand Surve at about 10 am today.

The operation was launched based on a reliable input that one Bapin of Moirang area is transporting contraband drugs to the district, said the source. At around 10.30 am, the joint team spotted a numberless Hyundai i10 white car moving towards CCpur at Kangvai and intercepted it for verification. As the team sought to ascertain the items carried by the car, 189 packets of suspected heroin were found concealed in two Huggies (Diaper) plastic packets, three white plastic packets and three black plastic packets.

The contraband which was found to weigh 2.437 kg was immediately seized and the two occupants detained. The detained individuals identified as Shokhogin Haokip (45) s/o Otkholun of Bethel village, Chandel district, and Mrs Tingneikim (40) w/o Shokhogin Haokip reportedly told the police that they were transporting the drug as directed by Bapin while the latter had gone ahead of them to strike a deal.

The police followed up the case, and Bapin was located at Red Cross road, New Bazar, CCpur. He was soon arrested and identified as Longjam Bapin Meetei (27) s/o L Boinao of Pangei, PS-Heingang, Imphal East. The Churachandpur police have registered a case under FIR No.73(7) 2021 CCP-PS u/s 21(c) ND&PS Act.

Assam Rifles apprehends two cadres of HPC-D (LK Hmar faction) in Manipur

CHURACHANDPUR: Loktak Battalion Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (East), by its swift and bold action, apprehended two active cadres of HPC-D (LK Hmar faction), non SoO group, from Molvaiphei Village of Churachandpur district, Manipur on 29 May 2021.

Based on specific intelligence inputs, the Security Forces launched an operation in general area Molvaiphei village and  apprehended the two cadres of HPC-D (LK Hmar faction) who identified as HrangbitkthangHrangchal, resident of Ankhasuo village, Pherzawl district and Ramchunghung, resident of Lungthulien village, Pherzawl District, Manipur.

The apprehended cadres were handed over to Churachandpur Police Station for further investigation

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Armed groups extortion continues unabated along NHs in Oinamlong Bazaar, Nungkao, and Nungba.

IMPHAL: Even as the whole state is facing the hardships of the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, extortion activities by armed groups along Imphal-Jiribam national highway are also increasing.

Unfortunately, security forces deployed for providing protection to the transporters are remaining silent over the matter.

According to a driver, who is rendering the service of transporting goods along the highway, the government assured of adequate security cover during daytime and restricted movement of vehicles during night.

However, different armed groups are robbing the transporters in broad daylight and police are doing nothing to stop such illegal activities.

These armed groups come out openly in broad daylight in Oinamlong Bazar, Nungkao and Nungba Bazar areas, and collect Rs 1000 each from the trucks.

They also assault drivers if they refuse the payment.

From there, the trucks are again stopped by another group of armed persons near a speed breaker near Nungba Bazar and collect Rs 2000 from every truck.

The location is within a short distance from Nungba police station but they do nothing to stop the criminal acts despite repeated requests, the driver contended.

He further said that each truck has to spend a minimum of Rs 6000 for each trip (to and fro) .

With police doing nothing to check the illegal activities despite repeated complaints, transporters are becoming suspicious of police getting their share from the extorted money.

Last month, TDC and Drivers' Union took the matter to the government's knowledge and the government assured of providing adequate security cover along the highway to ensure smooth passage to the transporters.

However, all the security forces deployed there - CRPF, Assam Rifles, Manipur Police or other paramilitary forces - are turning a blind eye to the extortion spree.

Recently, chief minister N Biren had instructed district authority concerned to arrange adequate security measures in order to ensure smooth passage of transporters who are bringing in essential commodities during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the ground reality is quite different from the assurance and instructions given by the CM.

The driver then drew attention of the government for giving strong instructions to the security forces to provide effective security cover for the transporters and added that the state and its people will suffer unspeakably if the transporters cease service. 

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Churachandpur police arrest fake CBI officer

A man who claimed to be Additional SP (Investigation) of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI /Govt of India) have been arrested by Churachandpur Police yesterday.

On suspicious nature, COVID-19 Village Task Force detained him at Pearsonmun, while freely roaming with a purported service ID card, around 7:30PM.  Police have been informed.

He was identified as  Thangjalen @ Thangboi (38) s/o Chongjathang Haokip of Gamnomjang Village, Churachandpur.

A case has been registered in Churachandpur Police Station u/s 419/ 171/ 468/ 471/ 465/ 188 IPC.

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Manipur government extends curfew in seven districts till June 11, relaxes more activities

The Manipur government on Friday extended the curfew imposed in the seven districts - Imphal West, Imphal East, Bishnupur, Thoubal, Kakching, Churachandpur and Ukhrul - for 14 more days amid the continous surge in the number of COVID-19 positive cases in the state.
The curfew was extended as the number of infections of the Covid-19 virus detected everyday continues to be very high relative to the population and is a cause of concern, said an order issued by the Home department.
While the order limited permitted activities, including restrictions on inter district movements in the remaining nine districts, it eased a handful of restrictions.   
It stated that all secretariat and directorate offices to start functioning with e-office and physical attendance of 15 per cent staff from June 1 by taking adequate precaution and strictly following Covid Appropriate Behaviour.
Departments like Media, Power, Fire Service, PHED, CAFPD, Home, Health, Relief and DM, Forest, Environment and Climate Change, Finance and Treasuries and Police departments and District Administration will continue to function as before.

Vehicle workshops of goods trucks, petrol tankers, LPG bullets and others outside the Imphal Municipal area may open from 8 am to 3 pm on all days and rice mills are also allowed to open subject to taking adequate precaution and strictly following Covid Appropriate Behaviour, it said.

The order further permitted opening of local vegetable vendors from 7 am to 10 am for purchase by the locals on May 30, June 2, June 5 and June 8 where the vegetable vendors should be seated at least feet away from one another and should wear mask all the time.

It said one out of three grocery shops of the total shops or vendors in one location shall be allowed to open on rotational basis from 7 am to 10 am on May 30, June 2, June 5 and June 8.

If the shops or vendors are located in congested rows (on major roads like NH both sides may open), then only alternate rows shall be allowed to open. Queue system should be adopted by all shops and vendors, it added. 

Life Insurance Corporation with limited staff on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 2.30 am can dispose time bound works, stated the order. 

The order further mentioned that wholesale shops of grocery and food essentials located in Thangal Bazaar and Masjid Road will be allowed to open from 7am to 12 noon as per schedule.

The scheduled are: Thangal Bazar will be open for retailers of Imphal West and Masjid Road will be open for Imphal East on May 31; Thangal Bazar will be open for Senapati and Kangpokpi and Masjid Road for Kamjong and Noney on June 1; Thangal Bazar will be open for Ukhrul and Bishnupur and Masjid Road for Tamenglong on June 3; Thangal Bazar for Thoubal and Kakching and Masjid Road for Chandel and Tengnoupal on June 4; Thangal Bazar for Churachandpur and Masjid Road for Pherzawal and Jiribam on June 6 and Thangal Bazar for Imphal West and Masjid Road for Imphal East on June 7, it stated.

Concerned deputy commissioners may issue movement passes for the retailers and the deputy commissioners and superintendents of police shall take necessary action to implement the orders strictly, mentioned the order. 

Strict ban on vehicular movement will continues even during 7 am to 10 am and the three Ima Keithels, its adjoining markets and the local markets at Khurai Lamlong, Andro Parking, Lambulane, Kongba, Pishum thong, Kwakeithel, Nagamapal, Singjamei Bazaar, Wahengbam Leikai and major other major markets in other districts shall remain closed, it added.

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MP Pfoze Objects to Mandatory Manipuri Language in SBI Recruitment in Manipur

  The MP of Manipur Dr. Lorho Phoze in his letter to the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has appealed for the removal of mandatory Manipuri language in the SBI recruitment notice/guidelines in Manipur state.

He said he wishes to grab the attention of the Finance Minister "to the discrepancies felt among the tribal people of the state of Manipur."

He reiterated that "Manipur is inhabited by various ethnic groups with diverse cultural and linguistic practices and the state has gone through turbulent times in the past over these issues", and education system does not mandate Manipuri language in the state. Therefore, he says, "making Manipuri a mandatory language for recruitment is not justifiable."

He further adds that a necessary directive be given to broaden the recruitment area to provide opportunity to all the ethnic groups within the state and give Manipuri and English as optional languages for the candidates.

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Assam rifles foils cross border smuggling in Chandel

  Chandel Battalion of Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) foiled two smuggling attempts in Chandel district on 26 May.

Based on specific intelligence, the troops of Assam Rifles launched two separate operations in the border areas close to Machi and Moltuk.

The operations resulted in successfully foiling smuggling of contraband from across the border. Further eight smugglers, four vehicles and a large quantum of contraband comprising of betel nuts, cigarettes and timber worth Rs. 58.87 Lakh werevseized.

The apprehended insurgents along with seized contraband and vehicles were handed over to Forest and Police authorities for further legal action.

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Assam rifles extends assistance to orphanage home in Chandel

 Chandel Battalion under the aegis of IGAR (South) extended assistance to Orphanage Home in Hnatham village of Chandel on 22 May.

In order to assist the home to tide over the lockdown induced difficulties, essential commodities, masks, gloves, sanitizers and daily use items were provided to the children. 

The children were also educated about COVID-19 protocols like maintaining social distancing, wearing of masks and regular washing of hands to safeguard themselves.

The orphanage home administrators expressed their heartfelt gratitude and appreciated the endeavour of Assam Rifles.

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Churachandpur battalion Assam rifles apprehends one active ukna cadre in Churachandpur

In a major breakthrough against illegal extortion being carried out by insurgent groups in Manipur, Churachandpur Battalion Assam Rifles apprehended one active UKNA (Non SoO group) cadre from general area B Vengnuam, near Tuibong Bazar in Churachandpur Town on 17 May 2021.

Based on reliable intelligence inputs, Security Forces launched an operation in general area B Vengnuam and apprehended one active UKNA cadre and recovered five printed demand letter heads being used for illegal extortion and tax collection in the area alongwith two mobile phones.

The apprehended cadre identified as S LhaunmangHaokip resident of Village B Vengnuam, Churachandpur, Manipur and was handed over to Churachandpur Police Station along with recovered items for further investigation.

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Manipur government appoints existing ADC chairmen as caretaker chairmen

IMPHAL: The Manipur government has appointed all the existing chairmen of autonomous district councils (ADCs) as caretaker chairmen.

An order issued by the government, signed by additional chief secretary of Tribal Affairs and Hills has stated that in supersession of the previous government’s order issued on November 30 last year and on consideration of the recommendation of state executive committee of department of Relief and Disaster Management, the governor of Manipur is pleased to appoint all existing chairmen of ADCs as caretaker chairmen. The order is an interim measure till the election of the ADCs is held, it stated.

It also stated that the caretaker chairmen are not allowed to exercise financial powers and will look after the normal routine duties of the councils.

The deputy commissioner and the chief executive officer concerned of the districts will be the joint signatories for all financial transactions of the councils, it added.

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