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Traditional Reproductive Health Care still Practices at Ringuei Village

People of Tungou/Ringui village in Manipur's Ukhrul district are facing lack of proper healthcare facilities. The village has a Primary Health Sub Centre (PHSC), however they have remained deprived of benefit  due to absence of staff at the health facility. Ringui, village is located about 62 km from Imphal, the capital of Manipur.

A team of Citizen's Radio visited the village recently. Ringui village has not been able to get any facilities despite various healthcare facilities provided by the state government for the remote areas, a villager told Citizen's Radio.  Neither doctor nor nurse were available at the lone health facility of this village. The villagers expressed dismay over the poor medical care in the village.  Besides, the poor road connectivity in Ringui has hit the life of the villagers. The village has no private transportation system.

A Primary Health Centre (PHC) is located at Lambui, about 20 km from Ringui. Doctors and nurses are available at this PHC. Ringui villagers have to travel 3-4 hours to reach this PHC, a villager said. 

Sponsored : Cultural Survival 

Voices:  Deepa shamurailatpam, Ningthoukhongjam Rajesh

Interview: Makang Semmi (Tumgou/ Ringui Villager)

Online Editor: Ningthoukhongjam Tutu Raja

Music: "Burn Your Village to the Ground" by A Tribe Called Red.

Indigenous Languages: Manipuri

Country: India

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Radio Series: Citizens' voice

An open Letter to Shri N. Biren Singh, Hon'ble CM, Manipur

With due honor, I would like to take this privilege to seek your special favour.

That Sir, as all knows, national lockdown due to Onslaught of disastrous Corona Virus has given untold lives hardship. The same is a bonus miseries for the Mapithel dam affected villagers who had already suffered due to loss of food sovereignty as a result of land loss in the wake of the Mapithel dam project. Mapithel dam affected villagers are among those people who are most severely hit by the Covid-19 being hardship of dam impact were multiplied this year.

In spite of verbal or hearsay as the dam water is not blocked, but water level of the Yangwui Kong/Thoubal River has been rising dramatically. It has led to submergence of many paddy fields at chadong, Ramrei Lower and Ramrei villages destroying cultivated areas and threatened to all paddy planted in the region.

Therefore, it is our humble request to kindly release dam water this year on humanitarian ground while people are harshly hit by Covid-19.

Thanking you Sir.
Themson Jajo

"Walls Of Hatred In Name Of Religion": Naseeruddin Shah In Amnesty Video

Walls of hatred are being erected in the name of religion in India and those who stand against this "injustice" are being punished, actor Naseeruddin Shah on Friday claimed in video released by the Amnesty India against alleged government "crackdown" on NGOs.
In the 2.13-minute solidarity video for the human rights watchdog Amnesty, Naseeruddin Shah said those who demand rights are being locked up. 
"Artistes, actors, scholars, poets are all being stifled. Journalists too are being silenced," he said in the video message.
"In the name of religion, walls of hate are being erected. Innocents are being killed. The country is awash with horrific hatred and cruelty," he claimed. 
He said that those who stand against this "injustice" are having their offices raided, licenses cancelled and bank accounts frozen to silence them so that they are deterred from speaking the truth.
"Is this where our country is headed? Had we dreamt of a country where there was no space for dissent, where only the rich and powerful are heard and where the poorest and most vulnerable are oppressed? Where there once was law, there is now only darkness," he said in the video in Urdu.
Under the hashtag of #AbkiBaarManavAdhikaar, the Amnesty claimed India has witnessed a massive crackdown on freedom of expression and human rights defenders. 
"Let''s stand up for our constitutional values this new year and tell the Indian government that its crackdown must end now," the Amnesty said. 
Aakar Patel, a member of the Amnesty India, said it may seem that the odds are against human rights defenders and civil society in India at this moment, but human rights have always won and will this time also. 
"The arc of the moral universe is long, as Dr Martin Luther King said, but it bends towards justice. The widespread crackdown on civil society organisations and human rights defenders by the government of India must end immediately," he said. 
Mr Shah had stoked a controversy last month when he had said that the death of a cow had more significance than that of a police officer. 
He was speaking in the wake of a mob violence that broke out in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr on December 3 over alleged cow slaughter in the Mahaw village. The violence led to the death of two men, including police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh.
"I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if a mob surrounds them and asks if you are you a Hindu or a Muslim, they will have no answer," Mr Shah had said. 
Last year, five prominent activists were arrested over their alleged involvement in the Bhima Koregaon violence.
The Enforcement Directorate in October conducted searches at two locations of Amnesty International India here in connection with a foreign exchange contravention case.
Reacting to Mr Shah's Friday remarks, human rights activist Annie Raja said what he has said is the reality. "There is no space for dissent. There is no space for even democracy. We can see the proof in form of violence all around us," Annie Raja said.
Kavita Krishnan, human rights activist and the Secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association, said Mr Shah is "spot-on" in his observation. 
"He expressed his concern and I hope people pay attention to it. The world also needs to know what is happening and wake up to the danger in this part of the world," she said

Citizen Radio is searching translator from Manipuri to English

Cittizen Radio calls on all our readers and subscribers that are concerned of the complicated situation around the world and want to express their point of view on the ongoing events.
Citizen Radio currently needs translators from Manipuri to English. The project invites all interested people to our volunteer team.
IMPORTANT: You need at least 4 hours per week to participate in the project.
           CONTACT US: (don’t forget check a spam box for the answer)

NH-2 cries for government’s attention!

The condition of the infamous NH-2 which connects Imphal (Manipur) to Dimapur (Nagaland) lying in a deplorable condition since a long time. It is full of mud during rainy season and dust in winter and summer causing inconvenience to commuters.

The irony is that our elected representatives are busy building their own business empire or palatial houses and rarely bother with our basic amenities.

Almost two years have passed post-election and all the promises and assurances made before election prove to be just election gimmick. Being a busy National Highway, the government should resolve this issue on priority.

Sender name: Wilubou Newmai

Citizen are requested to express their views related to issues of Manipur within 500 words and mail us to or send us a hard copy to our Office Address: The Citizens' News, Konung Mamang opposite Thangal Memorial Temple, Imphal East-795001

Time to unite to fight against corruption in Manipur

Election is knocking at the door & it is very sad to see that the recruitment process of the government of Manipur in various department. The land is sorounded by corruption everywhere, it is gonna destroy the present & future generation, everyone knows that corruption has deep rooted in our society, but no concrete action has not taken so far, it is high time that every one should stand up & put a full stop to corruption & corrupt people. It is not for this particular job recruitment, but for the future of Manipur. Since, some keys proof are there that there is big room for tempering & malpractice in the said examination.I appell to all in general & student' s union/ CSO in particular to take this opportunity to react that no more corruption could be tolerated, let's teach this corrupt government & corrupt mentality people a lesson. LONG LIVE MANIPUR.

Khurai, Lamlong Keithel
Imphal East

Citizen are requested to express their views related to issues of Manipur within 500 words and mail us to or send us a hard copy to our Office Address: The Citizens' News, Konung Mamang opposite Thangal Memorial Temple, Imphal East-795001

Currencies in ATMs

In Manipur whenever ATM is used for withdrawing  money, it show that the amount asked for can only be disbursed in the multiple of hundred most of the ATM in our Imphal and elsewhere in Manipur too, do not have fifty rupee or hundred rupee notes deposited in them . People may not need five hundred rupee in a particular situation, and may need just fifty or hundred rupees. If they are compelled to withdraw five hundred or one thousand rupees, it is bound affect their saving. Therefore I request all nationalised bank to deposit Rs.50 or Rs.100 notes in every ATM for the Convenience of People.

Sender : Majabung Gangmei (Social Activist)
Langol Game Village, Imphal

Citizen are requested to express their views related to issues of Manipur within 500 words and mail us to or send us a hard copy to our Office Address: The Citizens' Radio, Uripok Ningthoukhongjam Leikai, Imphal West-795001