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50th All Manipur Sumang Leela Festival released the results of plays for men’s category.

The 50th All Manipur Sumang Leela Festival, 0221-22, organized by the Manipur State Kala Academy held at Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen at Palace Compound released the results of plays for men’s category today.

 “Wakhal Eronba” from Sanaleibak Nachom Artists awarded as the best play. In the second place, “Laklaroi Amuk Yeningthha” by the Sangai Artist Association and “Muthlaroidaba Machu” by Peace Maker Artist Association placed third. 

Naba Wareppa named the best director and Sh. Hemanta as the second best director. Best script awarded to Tarachand Oinam and second best script to Ranjit Ningthouja. A Bikram &Y Joykumar jointly  won the best music director’s award and Laiphakpam Surchand took  the second place. Best lyricist to Manboi MM and second best lyricist to Ranjit Ningthouja. Best playback male singer awarded to Naorem Jeetenkumar and Babumacha Chanambam as second best.  Best comic to Saikhom Surjit and second best comic to Athokpam Santosh. Best supporting actress to L Nareshkumar and second best supporting actress to Surchand Thounaojam. Best supporting actor to Iboyaima Khuman, nad second best to M Somorendeo. Best actress awarded to S Deepson along with Somorjit and H Tompok as second best actress Beat actor to Yumanam Arjunkumar and second best actor to Y Nilachandra along with A Surchandra. As judge’s special mention Kakching Komol and Leisemba Moirangmayum  won the female child artist prize

On the other hand, All Manipur Sumang Leela Producer Association, Manipur State Kala and All Manipur Lila Council rejected today’s results and submitted a written petition rejecting the results. Demanding to reveal the marks received by the associations and individual artists and the rules and regulations judging the performances and questioning how many scenes can be performed on the stage in a given play.

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