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» » Manipur government need to Begins Post COVID-19 Recovery Program

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This is a public service announcement about the coronavirus or Covid-19 disease outbreak

Now, the State Manipur was nil with  covid 19 positive case according to State covid 19 common control room reported, almost a week had past with nil positive cases but till now many people have tested covid 19 yet. A total cases of 1,37,230 was positive with covid 19 during the pandemic and post covid in Manipur, among the positive cases  total no. of 1,35,110 cases was recovered and 57,178 cases was in home isolation during the pandemic. Now the positive percentage was 0.0% in Manipur from the last week ago. A total no. of 2120 cases was dead during the pandemic so far. Unfortunarely, among the dead cases the report of dead cases  during the  post covid was unsure to count by the State Health Service till date.

On the other hand, people from corona virus reliefs had been affected by different diseases like chest pain have cause to dead during the pandemic ,they cause dead after severe hospitalization from private hospitals and they didn't issue the post covid certificate for the cause of death, in many locality area of Manipur many people causes dead with post corona virus but the State Health Service cannot produce the actual number of  dead cause during  post covid.

Now, the situation was good in condition with inclination of recovered percentage 98.99%,but the cent percentage 100% free corona virus is not yet in the State ,Manipur .But the restrictions during the pandemic was somehow declined although the 4th wave about to started in the month of June.

Around 3% to 4% were death during the post covid cases but not sure to announced in the public, as state health service cannot give the appropriate no. of death during the post covid cases.

Script: S Aken Sharma

Voices: Dayapati Senjam

Theme: Need to begin Post covid treatment Program

Music: "Burn Your Village to the Ground" by A Tribe Called Red.

Indigenous Languages: Manipuri

Country: India

Format: Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Radio Series: COVID-19

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