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» » » » MP Pfoze Objects to Mandatory Manipuri Language in SBI Recruitment in Manipur

  The MP of Manipur Dr. Lorho Phoze in his letter to the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has appealed for the removal of mandatory Manipuri language in the SBI recruitment notice/guidelines in Manipur state.

He said he wishes to grab the attention of the Finance Minister "to the discrepancies felt among the tribal people of the state of Manipur."

He reiterated that "Manipur is inhabited by various ethnic groups with diverse cultural and linguistic practices and the state has gone through turbulent times in the past over these issues", and education system does not mandate Manipuri language in the state. Therefore, he says, "making Manipuri a mandatory language for recruitment is not justifiable."

He further adds that a necessary directive be given to broaden the recruitment area to provide opportunity to all the ethnic groups within the state and give Manipuri and English as optional languages for the candidates.

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  1. Fate of local languages due to untransformed conflicts, the economically dependent peoples in the northeast clearly face dangers extinction of their own mother tongue and lingua-franca creating an opportunity in favour promotion of Hindi as national language in India. In the Northeastern region, for the hatred of Assamese Bodo decided to adopt Hindi script and promote Hindi as common language in Bodoland by dropping Assamese script and discouraging as a popular language. Bodo people today are much closer to Hindi speaking power and region than their immediate neighbours - cultural conflict between Bodos and Assamese was resolved in 2003 with the centre as the third party arbiter in a tripartite peace talks. Many such talks are going on in the region, the outcome will not be surprising